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Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
. ms. mendoza, yes. dr. maurice, aye. dr. nor ton, yes. ms. wynns, aye. mr. yee, yes. >> i call the public hearing and adoption between the district and the auto mechanics local 1414. there is a motion and second? >> so moved. >> i second. >> reading and recommendation by the superintendent or designee. mr. ruiz. >> thank you, president yee. the -- this tentative agreement is with our auto machinists, local 1414, and again the requested action is that the board conducts a public hearing and adopts the tentative agreement and related public disclosure document. i want to thank the crafts bargaining teams which laid the foundation for this agreement and in particular art gonzalez, the field rep for the machinis machinists. >> i'd like to say, you know, to tom and your team, you know, a job well done. this has been a really good year, and you've work really hard. and these agreements, as everybody knows, this just doesn't come automatically. so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i'd also like to thank the machinists and local 1414, and all of the district team members as well, f
Dec 3, 2012 4:00pm PST
. wong, yes. ms. feuer, yes. ms. maufas, yes. ms. mendoza, yes. ms. murase yes. mr. lee yes. >> unanimous. would you like to present at this point and after you present they can have a few words. pngeddle so -- would you like to have a few words, press the button. >> first of all, i want it thankñ?ñ? the san francisco board of education for presenting us with this wonderful commendation tonight. the omega boys club as you heard has worked tirelessly through the years. i guess when you work that hard, and the founders who are still alive today dr. joseph marshall jr. and jack -- you probably don't have time to accept awards because you're still doing the work. it gives me great pleasure to accept this on behalf of theyñ?ñ? omega boys club, 25 years after lching to that -- listening to that accomplishments and everything we've done i just reflected upon being a part of so many of those amazing experiences and just being wild, sitting there listening. i know she mentioned thailand, south africa and i just reflected
Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
hit in the head with a baseball bat. specialist mendoza was shot and killed. he was our platoon medic. most people were getting shot in some way shape or form. as i moved forward to find where he was so i could link up with him, so he could be accountable for all of our people. he wasn't where i expected him to be, so i saw two -- whatever you want to call them, i'm going to call them bad guys carrying sergeant brennen away, and we did what we were trained to do. i eliminat the threat to the best of my ability. i killed one on the spot, the other bad guy jumped off the side of the cliff. i had the ability to grab him and run back the direction we came. it was a bad spot to be. as i ran back, i started to perform first aid on sergeant brennen. he was shot several times, he had shrapnel wounds on his body. i had the freedom to assess the situation. sergeant brennan -- i'm sorry, sergeant golardo and the rest of the first platoon were taking the brunt of the fire. that's what makes that bittersweet feeling, because so many people did so much more than i ever thought about doing, i was ju
Dec 4, 2012 7:00am PST
conmigo. >>> (risas). >>> (t soy arúl mendoza y tengo varias llamadas perdidas tuyas. >>> por qué tanta insistencia. >>> pensaba en algo que podría ayuda. >>> tengo un plan. >>> qué? a poco ya lo llevarás a cabo? >>> si, apenas está. >>> estuve pensando en algunas modificaciones para implicar a alguien más. >>> (mÚsica). >>> ♪ ♪. >>> esto por univisión, la casa de todos! >>> en breve, amigas y señoras, le diremos cómo abrigarse a la moda con la temporada!. >>> señora bonita, también hablaremos de las relaciones que se transforman en un infierno. >>> también viente chespirito que le cumplió el sueño a una fanática. >>> también una entrevista que no querrán perderse. >>> gracias por hacernos el programa número 1 de las mañanas! >>> (cantando). >>> (mÚsica). >>> ya etsamos en temporada de friito y estamso con la estilista que nos dará todos los tips para lucir bella y decir todo a través de nuestro estilo. >>> traje una variedad divina como por ejemplo jugar con el color. la ropa de invierno es muy apagada y un color como el rojo te da color al clóset y los muc
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)